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Graphic Design

Creating visual content to communicate your brand's message

An Agency That Believes Graphic Design Can Be Powerful

Our team creates unique designs and, with few words, tell stories that speak directly to the core of your brand identity. From labels to logos, vehicle wraps to brochures; we create strong and consistent graphic design which communicates your identity and brand values regardless of where it appears.

In its simplest form, Graphic Design is when a designer creates visual content to communicate a message, and the possibilities are endless. Whichever graphic designer you choose, their talents and perspectives will vary, and so will the final deliverable. A careful review of their portfolio of work is critical to ensure alignment of your brand and the talent selected for the job.

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Working with Us as Your Graphic Design Team 

Our team views each project via a unique lens, given the uniqueness of each client and the industry they serve. We adapt accordingly and take a unique approach to each request and project. The workflow of our graphic design process remains tested and true. However, our approach at Belugastrategies is to make all our processes as transparent as possible. By highlighting how we work with our clients, we allow the process to remain flexible, as we know everyone has different demands and needs.


The first step is scoping out your project to see if we're the right fit. Also, our team at this stage learn your industry's nuances & competitors; allowing us to find out what has and hasn’t been done before, and how to make your graphic design bigger and better!


Research is done, and we're getting creative! Our design team will start developing your graphic design project, once done, we'll prepare and present our ideas and concepts.


Once you’ve reviewed the design project, it’s time to refine it and leave us to make any amendments. This is where we work back and forth until it’s perfect for you.

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From Vision to Reality

Mobile advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising to promote businesses both large and small. When it comes to promoting your company, a vehicle wrap will give you the most impressions made per dollar than any other form of outdoor advertising.


Designing and installing a vehicle wrap will create a vast number of impressions per month, and strengthen your brand recognization in a local market and beyond as your fleet travels around.

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Brand Identity & Creativity

Every business is different, and every approach to a new brand is unique. Our approach is simple, we get to know who you are and what you stand for and deliver a brand ID that will set you apart from the competition, showcase your personality and raise the profile of your business.

Brochures & Print Material

From ebooks to tri-folds and anything in between, our creative design team will work with you to perfectly represent your brand and help your company stand out from the competition. With effective designs that capture your details and translate your value to the market, our creative process is ever-evolving and ready to support your brand.

How we help

Belugastrategies has worked within the print medium for several years. We use print strategically for our clients as another tool to support their brands and share their value add. Typical print collateral includes:

  • Simple to complex brochure design

  • Pocket folders

  • Flyers and sell sheets

  • Business cards and stationery

  • Posters

  • Booklets and catalogs

  • Direct mail and postcards

What’s more, Belugastrategies always aims to push the boundaries. This means doing custom print work that uses atypical sizes and shapes, die cuts, embossments, and foil stamping. 

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