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Social Media Management

Working with our team will make sure your business builds a strong social presence, saying the right things to the right audience – and at the right times!

Find, Delight & Retain Customers

Using Social Media

Getting the right balance in your messaging, scheduling, and ads is crucial to your social engagement, community, and overall experience.

Social media is an ever-changing landscape with altering algorithms and topical trends; you must carefully prioritize your social media management strategy to keep your competitive edge. 

If you are looking for a more strategic approach and one that delivers results, we can help. Our team is experienced in all social media platforms and will devise an optimized strategy that underpins a regular schedule for engaging content across your social media channels.

Our Agency believes in fueling your ambition, creating a cohesive, cross-channel brand voice, and shouting about it! We work alongside in-house teams as your partner to achieve the same goal, whatever the finish line looks like for you.


Our team monitors and manages your social media channels, but we also create interactive, shareable and relatable content that connects with your audience.


Through carefully planned scheduling and content calendars, we consistently produce content. Frequent posting creates an impactful connection with your audience as it helps them recognize your brand's voice and message.


Our team will regularly review performance and strategize new ways to improve performance and growth within your account.

Working with Us as Your Social Media Team 

Our team can collaborate with any existing assets available to create new content in line with your branding to inspire, provoke and engage with your audience by any means. 

We also want your business to feel apart and engaged with the content we produce; we are happy to spend the day in your work environment/office to create content alongside your team to involve them as much as possible to highlight your company culture. 

Our proactive approach ensures that we capitalize on all key marketing and public holidays to boost engagement with your followers and reactively join in on social media trends, breaking news, and pop culture moments so that your brand is always a part of the conversation.

Our team is at your disposal to give you the extra helping hand with your creative legwork to consistently produce interactive, branded content to help your organic social media growth and give you the competitive edge to stand out and get the following & recognition you deserve.

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Our "Review & Approval" Process

We keep our approach simple, all to ensure our clients have a streamlined experience when participating in our creative process. We share our production sheet so that our clients can share comments, approve or reject elements.

We utilize this approach so that we can continuously learn about your organization's evolving"voice" and continuously be a more effective partner.

Influencer Management &
User Generated Content

We work with leading brands to find brand ambassadors across the various social media channels and then onboard them. When we work with our influencers, we build close relationships with them and form an understanding of how your products or services will best match the influencer and their audience.

As influencers commonly represent many different brands and organizations, it's our job at Beluga to build relationships so that you, our client, get the best possible content.

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